Re: [Code] The new problem

From: Del (
Date: 02/04/99

anthony benjamin wrote:
> **For all of you just tuning in:
> I am trying to modify my mud so that if someone is holding a weapon, they get a
> hit with the weapon in thier hand too...but not like the dual attack skill on
> the Van web site, more like an inherent thing, if you hold a weapon you can use
> it...right Now I can't make it so my characters can even hold the weapons...any
> ideas?

I don't think it's a good idea, actually. How many people do you know that can
hold two swords (one in each hand) and hit thier opponent at the same time
with both swords? (every round)
More likely they would be able to use one sword during one round, and the
other sword during the next round.

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