[Code] The new problem

From: anthony benjamin (benjamin@powerweb.net)
Date: 02/04/99

Ok, now I have the code all in, it compiles...wonderful...but when I try to
hold a weapon it tells me I can't hold that, I have even remove all the checks
in the do_grab function...my do_grab function now just has the equip statement
that puts the item into players hands...Is there somewhere I forgot to change?
or something I need to change?

**For all of you just tuning in:
I am trying to modify my mud so that if someone is holding a weapon, they get a
hit with the weapon in thier hand too...but not like the dual attack skill on
the Van web site, more like an inherent thing, if you hold a weapon you can use
it...right Now I can't make it so my characters can even hold the weapons...any

Any and all help would be appreciated...

anthony - newbie coder...still..
"Ya..Ya...the FAQ."

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