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Date: 02/03/99

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Ok, now I have the code all in, it compiles...wonderful...but when I try to
hold a weapon it tells me I can't hold that, I have even remove all the
in the do_grab do_grab function now just has the equip
that puts the item into players hands...Is there somewhere I forgot to
or something I need to change?
Did you in olc or in your world databasefiles add the following flags to the
second hand weapon:

Its important that the hold is there or you will not be able to hold it, and
here is something for you to think about to a later version, i made dual
wield in my mud and when playing around I just found my error, i forgot to
slash with the dualed (held) weapon, the main weapon just slashed once
more.....And this can be a problem, say a person has a really good onehanded
weapon as a mainweapon, and he grabs a dagger of shielding or something with
1d2 and a lot of bonuses for protection, then he will get one extra attack
with the main weapon instead of the dagger.. (You will have to modify damage
and hit if i dont remember all to wrong...) Good luck.
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