[CODE][NEWBIE] 3 things

From: Chris Egner (BelZarath@aol.com)
Date: 02/05/99

2 things;

1) Thank you all very much for helping me with the newbie areas. FYI I meant I
was making a completely new area, and wanted to set it as the newbie area
rather than the generic one they have on there. But the first reply really

2) I've been trying to enchant a weapon, I'm sure a player can do it, but is
there a way to have a weapon enchanted, so that you don't have to enchant it
each time it resets?

3) I have an OLC(offline, not online(a very good one, I recommend it, in
contrib, part of a project)) anyway, I was looking at the zone info, and there
is a "reset mode" thing, I don't think I understand that. I understand the
idea of reset, putting a mob in an area after being killed, so that others can
have fun in the area, but I don't understand the mode thing. There are 3
choices: Never, Empty, Always. If anyone could explain the difference, it'ld
be a great help.

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