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Date: 02/05/99

>3) I have an OLC(offline, not online(a very good one, I recommend it, in
>contrib, part of a project)) anyway, I was looking at the zone info, and there
>is a "reset mode" thing, I don't think I understand that. I understand the
>idea of reset, putting a mob in an area after being killed, so that others can
>have fun in the area, but I don't understand the mode thing. There are 3
>choices: Never, Empty, Always. If anyone could explain the difference, it'ld
>be a great help.

Reset never means just that.  Zone will not reset automatically.  Reset
empty means the zone will look at its life cycle (in ticks) and reset once
ticks have expired AND no player is in zone.  Reset normal (or always) means
zone resets at the established number of ticks regardless of whether anyone
is in the zone at the time or not.

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