Re: positions

From: Benjamin Draper (
Date: 02/06/99

Edward J Glamkowski wrote:
> Adding positions has got to be one of the more
> annoying things in a mud...

my head hurts already.

If you're going to add POS_MOUNTED, you might as well add something like
POS_FLYING, POS_SWIMMING or POS_CROUCHING as you won't be standing in
either of those activities.
   I think what POS_STANDING represents is a position where a character
is 'alert' and able to move (or ride), fight, cast spells,etc. The other
positions show a compromised state of 'alertness' or 'readiness'.
Perhaps calling it POS_ALERT would make more sense? =p Maybe rename

  Flying and swimming are the only two of those examples which I have
as AFF_ flags in my MUD, I just check mounted characters with dak's
GET_MOUNT macro. As I also have furniture which allows people to assume
a position on it from sleeping to standing, it checks in a similar way
to the mount macro.

So from what I perceive positions to represent, POS_FIGHTING is the
state of 'alertness' encountered in a combat situation, and whether
being POS_MOUNTED_FIGHTING or POS_FLYING_FIGHTING it's still that same

Hope this is some help.

-> Ben

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