Re: Practice

From: Axiem (
Date: 02/06/99

Alaron wrote:

> Does anybody out there have an alternate way to set skills to classes?
> i.e. I quest a mortal and he passes so I give the Human Warrior a Fireball
> spell?
> Thanks
> Alaron

Mmmm...Here's an idea: (/me looks through is source for the file)

In spec_procs.c, in function list_skills, you could also have that after it
checks for everything you _can_ learn(through a pracice), it checks everything
else to see if the percentage is over 0%, and if so, it displays it. Then with
skillset (in modify.c), you can make sure you can modify someone's skills no
matter what, and then some code changes with spellcasting, so that it checks
whether you can cast it or not depends on the %, not the code...That'd be
about it.


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