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From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 02/06/99

On Sat, 6 Feb 1999 12:42:16    Richard Glover wrote:
>Having STATE_x is better for more than just MOUNTED.  You should also look
>at putting STATE_SLEEPING, STATE_STUNNED, etc for these.  Since you can be
>sitting and alseep, they should be 2 different things.  You'll just need to
>add in some macros and check throughout the code for checked against GET_POS
>since they use <, >, or = and make the appropriate changes.

I just started working on a change over and two things
have occurred to me - one, flying players (AFF_FLYING)
can decidedly be either on the ground (STATE_STANDING)
or in the air (STATE_FLYING), which opens up an
interesting can of worms...  and two (and FAR more
significant), by redefining the POS_x values to
bitvector form, you don't actually need to change much
of the existing code.  Since (1 << 5) is still a
regular number (16), for example:

assume GET_POS(ch) = POS_RESTING

if (GET_POS(ch) > POS_SLEEPING) { blah; } ==>
if (5 > 4) { blah; }

if (GET_POS(ch) > POS_SLEEPING) { blah; } ==>
if ((1 << 5) > (1 << 4)) { blah; } ==>
if (16 > 8) { blah; }

so all the existing checks should still work.
Yes, some changes are still necessary, yes, but it
doesn't totally break everything.

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