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Date: 02/07/99

On Sun, 7 Feb 1999 18:19:55 -0700 EltaWeb Networks
<> writes:
>ok, i finally compiled and i finaly got the mud up ( 4000
if your
>interested) and i got it working, except when i close the bash window,
>the mud crashes.what is that, and what do i do to stop it? I've tryed
>sh autorun, sh autorun &, bash autorun, bash autorun &, and anything
else i
>could think of

Well, let's apply a little bit of common sense to this.  Because you're
running the MUD in Windows, it'll create one of those little boxes in the
taskbar, right?  So, let's take for example Solitaire.  If you close
solitaire, what does that do?  That does something similar to Unix, it
ends the process.  So whenever you close your MUD, what it does, is end
*THAT* process.  So in order for the MUD to remain on-line at all times
you're connected to the internet, you must leave that thing open.  A
little common sense goes a long way.  If all else fails, try relating it
to something else you know well.

I've asked this a couple of times, and, well I figure I may as well keep
doing it until someone responds :)  I'm interested in writing a ship to
ship combat system for my MUD.  Y'know, one of those things where ships
are located in x, y, and z locations and they shoot their weapons at
other ships, etc.  Anyway, as I'm not an "awesome" C coder(I know pretty
much all of the basics, a *little* advanced stuff), I'd like someone to
help guide me through some of the areas that I don't know how to do that
well.  If you can help me out, e-mail me(  Seeya all


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