From: EltaWeb Networks (knisely@telusplanet.net)
Date: 02/06/99

ok, i'm using CircleMUD 3.0 BPL 14 and trying to compile under Cygnus32.

i went to http://www.connect.ab.ca/~rbmstrk/ and followed the
Then i came to the part that says:

3.  When you first install Cygnus you will need to use this command in
     order for shell scripts to run properly, you only ever have to do
     ln -s C:/CYGNUS/B19/H-I386~1/bin /bin

i did that, then it gave me another prompt with nothing about mounting
or anything.
then, i switched to the circlemud directory, and i typed ./configure
like the website said,
and then it gave me:

BASH.EXE-2.01$ cd circle30bpl14\
> ./configure
BASH.EXE-2.01: cd: circle30bpl14./configure: No such file or directory

Can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong?

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