Re: [COMMAND] do_look

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/07/99

> Do a simple strcmp or strstr (I use strstr for various reasons) in
> isname.

        strcmp wouldn't work unless you set up a long iterative loop that
checks for ...example:
                etc.. though, that's annoying.

strstr would be okay, however, it finds an occurance of a a string within
a string....

        So, if you made do look look for this, it would find zo matches
the character with the name
        orzo  or   doodlewaddlezobahkah


        You know what? You make an command that checks for abbreviation -
just iterate through each pointer. if it comes to the end of the word that
you were looking at, without discrepancy, its true.  Otherwise it's not.

        I'm sure there's an abbreviation snippet you can find.


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