[CODE] A Question about rent

From: Maximum Carnage (carnage@games2.mudsrus.com)
Date: 02/07/99

        Ok I wanted to see about modifing my rent system so that I can
have charged rent, but make it so the first couple of dayz or so are free.
So they way I figure this I will have to modify objsave.c to tell the
renter that this is how the system works and than where ever rent is
actualy collected when a player comes back on put a modifier in there so
it takes the no-charged dayz off the days total which they rent before it
charges them the total rent.  My question is thoe does anyone know where
the total rent is charged to the player?  Thanx ahead of time and laterz.

-Smillie, IMP
MAximum Carnage
Carnage.mudsrus.com 6669

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