Re: [CODE] A Question about rent

From: Matthew Lowe (
Date: 02/08/99

Well this is quite easy, all the checking to do with player eq and the
rent and the time rented blah blah blah is done when a player comes back
into the game(unrenting). Anyways what you could probably do is:

The lines below should be inserted in the crashload (objsave.c) function
right after the num_of_days is calculated.

num_of_days -= 4;
if (num_of_days < 0)
num_of_days = 0;

where the 4 is number of days free.

Maximum Carnage wrote:
>         Ok I wanted to see about modifing my rent system so that I can
> have charged rent, but make it so the first couple of dayz or so are free.
> So they way I figure this I will have to modify objsave.c to tell the
> renter that this is how the system works and than where ever rent is
> actualy collected when a player comes back on put a modifier in there so
> it takes the no-charged dayz off the days total which they rent before it
> charges them the total rent.  My question is thoe does anyone know where
> the total rent is charged to the player?  Thanx ahead of time and laterz.
> -Smillie, IMP
> MAximum Carnage
> 6669
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