[NEWBIE][CODE] Blocking Skills

From: Beau Perrizo (Perrizo@aol.com)
Date: 02/09/99

   I am fairly new to coding and my C++ experience is zero.  I do have some
idea of how to use it but I'm afraid my knowledge is fairly limited.  I wanted
to know if anyone could tell me how I would go about adding a skill which a
player could use to block attacks.  My basic idea is to have the skill work
like second attack or third attack (the better you are the higher the chance
you'll get your extra hit) but instead of hitting, block hits so that a
message is displayed and the character suffers no damage.  I have seen this on
some MUDs in the form of parry, block, and dodge skills.  If it is relevant or
helps any I am currently running Circlemud 3.0 bpl11 in a Win95 Dos shell.  My
version is rather heavily modified skillwise at this point and so most patches
aren't going to work.  I will greatly appreciate any kind of help.


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