Re: [IDEA] player creation command?

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 02/10/99

> I know that some MUDs may be closed for a testing period of some sort for
> game development or whatever. What if you want to be able to create players
> for those people who want to participate in the test stages, without letting
> just anyone wonder in?
> An answer to this might be a command that somehow lets you create a
> character for the person. Not sure how this would work, just an idea. Maybe
> somehow make use of the player creation functions in nanny().

I've implemented something similar to this.  Firstly, I took the ANSI
Query code from the snippet pages.  This allows you to set up a query for

I then added another section to this, restricting connections.  This was
achieved using the do_world code from the clan snippets.  Together with
this, when the player types "z" at the ANSI query, and if the mud is
restricting connections, it will allow the user through.  Otherwise, it
will send them a "denied" message, with a file explaining the current
reasoning for the closure.

The relevant interpreter.c section was:
    } else if (LOWER(*arg) == 'z' && deny_connections == 1) {
      SET_BIT(PRF_FLAGS(d->character), PRF_COLOR_1 | PRF_COLOR_2);
      SEND_TO_Q("\033[H\033[J", d);

whereby if deny_connection (my variable for stating whether or not the mud
is active or not) was equal to "1', then it closed sending this before
SEND_TO_Q(denied, d);

And that was it.  This prolly isnt clear enough, but it might give you a
few hints.  There's prolly a better way, but this was how I did it without

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