[CODE] [SNIPPET IF REQUESTED] autowiz command

From: Jeremy Osborne (kd5157@scruznet.com)
Date: 02/10/99

I have just finished reworking the autowiz program to be an ingame command.
I ended up ripping out the old code, created a do_autowiz command out of
it, and used it as practice in my never-ending quest to learn c. Was
wondering if
a) someone might want to use it on their mud?
b) someone might be able to look over the code and let me know good/bad

You can reply directly to me at the either of the following email
addresses, since the snippet is a bit large to post directly to the
newsgroup. If people like it, I will gladly post it to the code section of
ftp://circlemud especially if it will help newbies like me.


emails: kd5157@scruznet.com

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