Re: Vampires as a "Feature"

From: Dan Argent (
Date: 02/11/99

> I guess the point of this email was to make sure that I got the point
> across that IMnsHO, far, far, FAR, too many MUDs, of all types, completely
> ruin vampires by making them some class or race.  If you are going to
> bother to put vampires in your MUD, do it right, make sunlight hurt them,
> make them need to feed, put in some kind of power hirearchy that may be
> more important than leveling. Make it INTERESTING, not mundane!

I have good reason to use races, as there is no "cure" in my universe.
but yeah, vampires will be extremely hard at night, and dimished at day
(mud-time) , and feeding will be put in. Also other vampire "skills" mist,
astral sensitity, etc


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