Re: * VERY * basic quest code

From: Richard Glover (
Date: 02/11/99

Well, if you are looking for a very *basic* quest code, then I'd suggest
this, because what you are asking for actually may take more coding than you

Make a mob spec_proc for quest mobs so that whenever they get an item that
is an ITEM_QUEST to give the player an ITEM_QTOKEN.  Now, this means that
they can do any quest and give this quest item to a mob with the spec_proc
assigned to it, but it's much simpler than writing code to track each
individual one.

With the above idea, you don't need MOB_QUEST flags and such.

Take a look at the other spec_procs in spec_procs.c and you may get some
ideas on how to write your code.  You'll have to attach them to a mob vnum
in spec_assign.c when you get it written.

An ITEM_QUEST object type can be added in structs.h along with ITEM_WEAPON
and such.  Increase the "NUM_ITEM_TYPES" in olc.h.  ITEM_QTOKEN can be added
the same way.  This will allow you to create new quest objects and quest
tokens.  Although you shouldn't necessarily have to make tokens...let the
spec_proc do that.


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Subject:  * VERY * basic quest code

>  Hello, I've been poundering this since last week, trying to create a VERY
>simple, VERY basic quest code for my mud.  I know this sounds silly, but if
>I can make it simple then I can understand what its trying to do ...
>Lets say ... Mr. Quest Man get all happy and gives Player A (me) a quest.
>Well, ok now that I've killed that mob (which would have a nice fancy flag
>to say its a quest mob)working fine.  I know this probably isn't the best
>setup for a mud but its helping me to add new things to my mud.
>Thanx for anyone's help! well, now that I brought that QUEST ITEM to the
>Mr. Quest Man, he get all happy and rewards me with a Quest Token (QT)
>well later I have acquired enough quest tokens to buy something really nice
>and fancy.
>Well ok .. here this goes
>1.  How would I add a flag (the Quest Item flag and the Quest Mob flag) to
>the system (I use OasisOLC) can you tell me the files to edit?   :)
>2.  How would I add Quest Tokens (QT) to the system.

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