Added DG Scripts...

From: Gavin (
Date: 02/12/99

I've just patched DG Scripts pl15 into my bpl14.  I already had olc in my
mud so I patched the approriate patch (hmm... that doesn't sound good).  I
am now having problems.  The patch didn't go perfectly (because of personal
changes to the code) so I hand patched the rest of it with no difficulty.
Every thing compiles perfectly.  Any time I try to run zedit, the mud
crashes.  I run my mud in *gasp* Win98 (I'm sorry) for the time being, and
when the mud crashes I get, of course, This Program has Preformed an Illegal
Operation......etc. I tried to run the mud in my Cygnus B20 shell becuase I
thought I may get a core dump but I dont' get that.  My question is this....

A.  Should I get a core dump when running in the Cygnus enviorment, or is
there a way to get a core dump on a W98 machine???

B.  Has anyone had any problems patching DG scripts with the same
requirements above?

I have searched the mailing list archives.  Using several different
combinations of keywords, I couldn't find anything on the subject I am
concerned with.

I have not had time to really search through the DG Script code (I know I
should before I post this) but I was hoping this may be a common problem
that someone may help me with.

I know NOTHING about DG Scripts.


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