[UNIX NEWBIE] - scripting help

From: Tom Dailey (tomd@waymark.net)
Date: 02/12/99


Me and a few other coders code from win9x boxes and then
upload the code into unix box to patch in.  I wrote a small
program to dos2unix the files then mv them to the correct
name but I want it so it does not make a new file if one does
not exist.

Here's the basic idea:

dos2unix act.comm.c > act.comm.ck
mv act.comm.ck act.comm.c
dos2unix ban.c > ban.ck
mv ban.ck ban.c
etc etc...

Could someone tell me how to dos2unix an entire directory w/
in one command line or how would I tell it to not to make a new
file if one does not exist..?

Thanks in advance,


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