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Date: 02/12/99

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> I was thinking of adding a defend skill where a player can type 'defend
>  <target>' i.e. a
>  group member.  If both players are in a room and someone attacks the
>  defended, then
>  the defender will quickly step in and take the damage.  I was wondering
>  what would be
>  the best way to do this.  Would I have to use code similar to the follow
>  code?
>  Also I was thinking about having mobs randomly attack different people
>  in a group.
>  Instead of just having one player attack and another one spam heals, I
>  think it would be
>  more interesting if the mobs could switch between who it was attacking.
>  Anyone
>  have any idea how to do this? Thanks

I've seen both of these things done so I know they are possible, I don't know
how easy they are to code though and have no idea how to start myself.  One
suggestion, even if it is sortof small and petty, you might think of calling
the skill bodyguard or protect.  I think it sounds a little better.  Also,
Revenge of the Jedi has a skill like that and the mobs there do hit everyone
in a group, I doubt they'll give their code out but if you want to get some
idea of what it does you can try their mud out.  The connection is listed in
the mud directory at


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