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From: Xual (
Date: 02/12/99

On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, Shane Augustine wrote:

> In rescue however you enter the name of the victim of to be defended and it
> happens
> instantaneously.  I want it to save who is defending who, perhaps have
> defended and
> defending members of the player structure.  Then the player will have a
> pointer to the
> person they are defending, so in case of a battle, the rescue will be
> automatic.

Ahh, well that's not to difficult either, unless you want to be able to
defend multiple people at the same time, which I personally wouldn't
implement.  Aside from the command to set one player defending another,
you'll need to modify perform_violence() to set the defender fighting
the attacker, and stop the defended player from being hit.  Something to
the effect of:

if (DEFENDED_BY(ch)) {
  set_fighting(FIGHTING(ch), DEFENDED_BY(ch));
  send_to_char("You are defended by message...", ch);

This is of course Mailer Code(tm), I tossed perform_violence() awhile ago,
so my memory might be a little foggy.

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