[CODE] event based combat

From: Stephen Comoletti (stevec@delanet.com)
Date: 02/12/99

Just curious on peoples thoughts of event/queue based combat. I've played with
the fightevent snippet with mixed results. I'm not quite to the point of
replacing most of the handlers with an event based system globally, more
thinking just a small queue that has a delay on each action before execution,
however not creating a wait state on the player who issued the command. IE,
player initiates combat, standard attack would be swing with current held
weapon which has a delay of x (defined by various attributes/skills/etc).
Before this event takes place, the player can still issue new commands, look,
add his/her next action to the queue (special combat move or spell) etc.
Keeping this in mind, the player should be able to alter this last action at
any time by simply issuing a new one, however not be able to affect the action
currently in the front of the queue. So the queue would only need 2 events in
it for each member in combat essentially. No input results in default action
being entered as next event as soon as the first event is out of the queue. etc
etc etc. Has anyone completed anything similar? and any pointers on it?

Thanks and regards,


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