Defend skill again

From: Shane Augustine (
Date: 02/13/99

Ok i wrote about the defend skill and i appreciate the help and changed
it to protect
to.  Now it works fine when PROTECTING(ch) starts a fight, however when
mob attacks, and the PROTECTED_BY(ch) saves, the PROTECTED_BY(ch) is
able to get in 2 attacks before the mob has a chance to retaliate.  This
is the code:

 if(PROTECTED_BY(ch)) {
  if(ch->in_room == PROTECTED_BY(ch)->in_room) {
   temp_ch = FIGHTING(ch);
            //act("$n rushes into battle and protects you!", TRUE, 0, 0,
   //send_to_char("Can you see this?", ch);
            set_fighting(temp_ch, PROTECTED_BY(ch));
   set_fighting(PROTECTED_BY(ch), temp_ch);    // I tried reversing
these two lines but that didn't work
   //set_fighting(temp_ch, PROTECTED_BY(ch)); // either

Any idea what to do to prevent this?
Setting the mob to attack first doesn't work either.  Nor does putting a
waitstate because
it would only affect their active actions.

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