[OFF-TOPIC] [LINUX] Migrating...

From: Phillip A Ames (kirk47@juno.com)
Date: 02/13/99

Heya all,
I found an old hard drive in my closet, plugged it into my computer, and
partitioned it as a Linux drive..  Installed Slackware 3.4, and I'm up
and running with it, but I have a few problems.  My first and foremost is
how to get my MUD from my C drive to the Linux drive.  I'm what you could
say a major linux newbie, so I have almost no clue what to do... I've
tried mounting the floppy drive and the CD-ROM drive(mount cdrom=/dev/hdb
-- The CD-ROM is the primary slave) but it doesn't seem to work.  If
anyone would care to tell me what I need to do, I'd be really
appreciative.  Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah, one more thing :)  If someone replies, can they paste dos2unix
in there?  I have a feeling I'm going to need it...


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