Re: [KINDANEWBIE] [CODE]: Undefined structures and animate dead

From: Daniel Breiner (
Date: 02/14/99

Well why not just remove the corpse from game when the spell runs out
or the animate dies (again) thinking of something like obj_from_room
and then send a message to the room sort of like 'the corpse of ... has
Just a thought.


On Sat, 13 Feb 1999, Jason M. R. wrote:

> Ok, I coded a animate dead spell., but it has a bug, a player can use the corpse over and over again to make the zombie.  I need to know how i can go about stopping that, and also, when i was coidng clans, I kept getting undefined structure statements in my clan.c file, someone want to explain to me how i might go about fixing those?

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