Re: [CODE] Dynamic Boards 2.2

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/14/99

> I just hand-patched Mr. Dughi's Dynamic board 2.2 code into the mud. I
> noticed a slight lag almost everytime I looked at the boards, except I
> haven't been able to reproduce it at %100 consistancy. I was just wondering
> if anyone had sped up the code a bit? As I get more familiar with it, I'll
> probably answer my own question, but if someone has beaten me to it, I'd
> love to hear about it.

        Oddly enough, I got the same complaint, yet when ever I looked at
it, it seemed fine... Then, I figured out two nasty little things..
        1) each time the boards are re-read and re-written, it appends a
^M to the end of each line.. making the files annoyingly larger than
        2) Though the lookup time for the 'have read message' is almost
neglible, the fact that everything is put out in one nice big buffer,
makes it a bit slower, IFF you have a poor connection.  I always had t1 or
better, so never noticed it, but got complaints - every one was from a
modem/overseas linkup.. I'm not sure why that's significant, but, it seems
to be.

        You may want to try to optimize the hashing algorithm.  It
wasn't necessarily maxxed out.


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