Re: Quest tokens

From: Richard Glover (
Date: 02/15/99

Go into structs.h, find

struct player_special_data_saved {

change one of the sparex variables to qtokens.  Go into utils.h, find


add a new macro like

#define GET_TOKENS(ch)    ((ch)->player_specials->saved.qtokens))

Then go thru the code and add support for your new qtokens, like in
do_stat_character, do_score.  And then the rest of what you want your
qtokens to do.


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Date: Monday, February 15, 1999 12:38 AM
Subject:  Quest tokens

>  Quest tokens I mean like .. gold ... well .. sorda. ... like I though
>about doing quests .. doesn't seem too hard ....
>i'd flag things !quest or something and my offical 'Quest Master' sees that
>you have it, gets all happy and gives you x amount of quest tokens for
>bringing that item back.  so I want to put Quest tokens into my game ...

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