Re: [SYSTEM-WIN95][NEWBIE] worldbuilders

From: Tom Dailey (
Date: 02/16/99

Some people have responded with, "have one port for
players and one port for builders".  Well, why not just make
it so players cannot enter a zone during construction (that's what
we do), thus eliminating people getting items that have yet to
be approved.  Also, in show zones, change it so that you can see
which zones are being built versus which zones are open.

I think an advantage to this is that over time is it makes it easier on the
person who would have to reboot the mud to add the zones (actually causing
more disruption) and you will have more immortal interaction with your
player base (some people might argue that that is bad).

Good luck, and if you want to see how our "show zones" is done, please stop
by and i'd be glad to give you the short tour.

Gore - Imp
ZombieMUD 2150

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