[SYSTEM-WIN95][NEWBIE] worldbuilders

From: Magnus Lindström (dal97mlm@mds.mdh.se)
Date: 02/16/99


Currently I'm altering the circle30bpl14 for my own uses and ideas.
I'v been wondering how worldbuilders will create the world when I
get that far. A mud I did some coding for before was on a unix
machine and it let me code online and test the code without having
to reboot.

Now I know the circle based mud have to reboot in order to load all
objects, rooms etc but how will/should the future worldbuilders at
my mud work? Localy on their own machine without the
oppertunity to test their code or should they get a compiled copy of
the mud to work with? How do you all guys out there do? :)


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