Re: [SYSTEM-WIN95][NEWBIE] worldbuilders

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/16/99

> get that far. A mud I did some coding for before was on a unix
> machine and it let me code online and test the code without having
> to reboot.

If by code you mean the language in which the mud was written,
I'd guess you were working on an LP mud, if by code you mean the
actual rooms, mobs, & objects, then you were working on a mud
w/ OLC (On Line Creation).

> Now I know the circle based mud have to reboot in order to load all
> objects, rooms etc but how will/should the future worldbuilders at
> my mud work? Localy on their own machine without the
> oppertunity to test their code or should they get a compiled copy of
> the mud to work with? How do you all guys out there do? :)

From experience, don't give out code access, or copies of the code to
anyone you don't trust.  Over the 3year life span of my mud, we have had
too many people try to take credit for it, and claim things that werent
their's to claim, and that's just the builders ;).

For builders, install an OLC, I think there is a pre-patched copy floating
around of CircleMUD that has Oasis and a few other commonly requested
features. (You might want to check George's Ceramic Mouse site for this,
IIRC he had a lot to do with this.)

You might even want to have 2 copies of your mud running, one for players,
and one for world builders.  This will allow them to crash the mud, make
insane items, and otherwise act like builders, without disrupting the
balance of the game, or messing with any morts.  It's impossible to be on
24/7 and logging everything gets tiresome.  I feel it's better to waste a
little disk space and memory than give people the ability to mess too
heavily with the mud.  When they are done with their section of the world,
you can go over it, and then copy the appropriate files over to your
working directory and reboot at will.

Just my .02$

-Ghost Shaidan
Implementor of Questionable Sanity 4000

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