Re: [SYSTEM-WIN95][NEWBIE] worldbuilders

From: Acido (
Date: 02/16/99

At 05:16 PM 2/16/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Some people have responded with, "have one port for
>players and one port for builders".  Well, why not just make
>it so players cannot enter a zone during construction (that's what
>we do), thus eliminating people getting items that have yet to
>be approved.  Also, in show zones, change it so that you can see
>which zones are being built versus which zones are open.
>I think an advantage to this is that over time is it makes it easier on the
>person who would have to reboot the mud to add the zones (actually causing
>more disruption) and you will have more immortal interaction with your
>player base (some people might argue that that is bad).
>Good luck, and if you want to see how our "show zones" is done, please stop
>by and i'd be glad to give you the short tour.

Well true but the main reason for i decided to have 2 ports a public and a
building port is mainly becoz that olc tends to be buggy and it's easy for
the builders to crash the mud with olc if they really want to! Also i added
a automatic reboot thinggy that will automatically reboot the mud when it
has been up for 48 hours so i don't reboot when i add a new area i just add
it to the index and it will be automatically included upon the automatic
reboot (or the rare case that the mud crash within the 48 hours)

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