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From: Tom Dailey (
Date: 02/16/99

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To help with immortals cheating you could do a few things.

1.  Don't just advance someone to builder status.  We have a rule
     on Zombie that you have to become an immortal by making it
     to level 100, then you have to ask to become an immortal.  Then
     if you do get accepted (voted into by the imm staff), you lose that
     level 100 character and all equipment assoc. w/ that character.
    A.  the person is more likely to be loyal because they've been on
          the mud a longer time and,
    B.  They will know the mud, thus making the person a better builder.

2.  Set up formulas that will make mobs have specific exp for their level or
      range of exp for their level (in olc).   This works for hps, ac,
hitroll, damroll
      etc...People might argue that it limits builders' imagination, but
with ranges
      for each stat, it keeps the game balanced.

3.  Log all olc commands for each immortal and log immortal wiz commands.
     A pain in the butt, but if you tell the imms that it's being done, the
likely hood
     of cheating is reduced.

The bottom line is, whatever works for you....


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