[CODE] MUD Client for Linux compression support.

From: George (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 02/16/99

Warning! This is deeply infested with debugging information, atrocious use
of memory, and probably a bit lacking in the design category too.  However,
it works, and that's what I was shooting for.  Not bad for a few hours
work.  This has a few known bugs:

1) As soon as you've used up MAX_SOCK_BUF work of compressed output data,
your connection will die.  Look for the lines:

    if (t->deflate->avail_out == 0)
      log("ack! t->deflate->avail_out == 0");

I'll take care of it later (tomorrowish).

2) Can't turn off compression correctly.

3) Probably doesn't handle the "everything not compressed in one shot"

        14,862 bytes.

Don't bother downloading it unless you want to play with it and/or help
clean it up because as is, it's of dubious value for production use.  I
suppose I should mention that uncompressed links will continue to work as

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