From: Kaine LaZaro (demond@tolkien.realms.org)
Date: 02/17/99

Alright, I didn't get any help when I asked for help, so now I'm going to
ask again, and give my idea of how to do it, and mabe one of you coders
who actualy knows what there doing could help me out some.

I'm going to be making new classes that have a type on them, example: Holy
Knights are a Holy class and Zombie Mages are an UnHoly class.

in one of the chr structures for both pc and npcs I'd add:
  int type;

and write up this tward the begining of structs.h:
#define TYPE_NONE   -1
#define TYPE_HOLY   0
#define TYPE_UNHOLY 1

#define MAX_TYPE    2

Then compain them in pulse_violance...

Any sugestions etc/help and what not?

Thanks James

`Up, Down, Over, and Through, Back arround the Jokes on you!'
 -- Magic the Gathering

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