Re: [CODE HELP NEEDED] Attack Types

From: Kaine LaZaro (
Date: 02/17/99

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Eric Helvey wrote:

> if(ch->...->type & attack_type)
>         damage <<= 1;
What would that do? I don't recognise the part about <<= 1, whats it meen?

> What part of this problem did you not understand?  To me it seems like the
> only issues are investing some time in changing every call to the damage
> function and a little rudimentary bit checking... not hard stuff.  If you
> intend to actually develop your MUD, I might suggest taking a Data
> Structures class at the minimum...
The problems was not the changing of every damage call it was the
reistance and attack types etc, part of which you answered part you
didn't, the question is how to make the attack type be defined. and with
the Structs Class etc, I'm learning, and I'm reading about 6 different
books on the subject of C programming, So please give me some time, and
I'll understand, because all that I know right now about C programming I
learned by messing with other peoples work.


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