Re: new at linux

From: Michael Lemler (
Date: 02/17/99

> Dosn't really matter where you put it if your root (and you propably are if
> you set it up on your local pc) you could just put it in / eg. the root of
> the drive.

Just a note of caution, never run the actual mud as root.  I would suggest
you make a directory in /usr/local i.e. /usr/local/mud and then add
yourself a user for the mud.  Then, change the owner ship of the directory
to that user and install the mud there.

You might as why go through all this hassle.  Well, if you run the mud as
root (for all intents and purposes, god of the system), one could buffer
overflow an addon you make to the mud and act as root on your box.  This
gives them the oportunity to delete your entire filesystem.  This is a Bad
Thing(TM).  Rule of thumb: only do stuff that absolutely needs root as

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