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From: Tazmania: the Ascension (
Date: 02/17/99

>I am setting up a linux (redhat 5.2) pc for my mud and was wondering
>i have never used linux.
>(1) what partition dir i need to put circle in

What you want to do is setup the system like the manual says, don't
worry about circle till yer all done setting up a NORMAL Linux system.

>(2) do I just put the code in the src dir or where

The src for circle? No. What you want to do, is, after you are
completely finished with the setup for linux and you can login and
everything works fine, create a new account with root, login as the new
account and then setup your circle stuff there.. just as if you were
using someone's hosting service.

>(3) and do i need to download a compiler or is it part of linux box
>kit and if is is part     of the box kit how would i know.

The compiler, gcc, is included on the disks.

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