Re: Compression for the masses. (see note)

From: Invincibill (
Date: 02/18/99

hey george,

can i ask what this is for? is it for people with slow connections?

George wrote:
> Second release of MCL-compatible (testing with it) compression support.
> This version is much (much) more memory friendly, isn't as much of a design
> abomination, and actually doesn't get confused when the output is full.
> Anyway, this should be stable now.  Let me know if you find it not to be.
> I suspect that the write resumption support may not mesh well with the
> compression code but I've yet to be able to generate enough text so that I
> get a process write would block message.  11kb of test compressed to 96
> characters generally doesn't bode well for making it block.
> Anyway, on the downside, this will still botch any IAC request except the
> one we expect.  It doesn't check that the client can actually do it either.
> On the upside, it's currently only available by the hidden menu option '6'.
> Future revisions will only turn on compression if the client says it can
> and the user has a flag that says they desire it.  Also on the list of
> things to do is to correctly handle turning off the compression without
> being disconnected.
> NOTE: This code should also work with the 'mcclient' code by Oliver Jowett
> <>.  With that program you can use any client you want
> (even telnet) and get compressed connections.  If you're interested in it,
> check out
> I was getting text compressed to 2.2% of its original size during my
> somewhat contrived test where I was trying to spam my connection into a
> blocked write. (loaded objects 3000 - 3040, 10+ times over, and 'look')
> --
> George Greer
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