New command help please....

From: Mike Kennedy (
Date: 02/18/99

Hi there!!!

I'm looking to add a command to list say the last 10 people to have logged
on to the MUD (using Circle 3.0bpl14) to give a display something like :

Player            Last On
x                       2/2/99 at 8.30pm
y                       2/2/99 at 8.32pm
z                       3/2/99 at 9.00am

However, I'm not sure what the best way to do this is.
I'm thought of 3 ways :

1. Use the syslog file and search through it for "x logged on at..." type
and use them

2. Every time someone logs on, add a new entry to a log-ons log file and use

3. Leaf through the player files and extract the last log on time

All 3 of these ways though seem to be slow.   No. 3 is far too slow, No.s 1
and 2
would possibly be accessed by numerous people at the same time it is being
written to (especially the main log file)

It would be good if I could do something that works on Win 95 and Unix

Has anyone out there done this sort of thing before or does anyone have any
good ideas???

Look forward to hearing from you all!!!
Mike Kennedy

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