Re: Little World Building Thing

From: Maximum Carnage (
Date: 02/19/99

If you were willing to supply the source code so that your builder could be
compiled with new information that would be great.  One question though, for
your builder did you think about maybe adding some kind of mapping function
like so that by pulling up this function it would show squares with the room
number and how their linked together.  Just a segestion for ya, but ya I
would love to see your source when your done.  Thanx.
-Smillie, IMP
Maximum Carnage 6669
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From: Jourge Fuzz Bush <modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM>
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Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 2:12 PM
Subject:  Little World Building Thing

>Well for me my mud was going to be a project for my Ed Plus in school
>but since then I've decided I'd rather not do that because using premade
>software isn't the best idea. Anyways instead I decided to make an area
>builder the mud I'm running. Its made in visual basic because it was the
>easiest/fastest way (only have a small time frame to make it) I was
>wounder how many people would be instrested in the source to modify for
>themselfs so they could give their area builders a copy of it to use at
>home. If their is allot of need or damand for it I can put it up on a
>server for people or the circlemud site what ever... But I need to know
>if anyone wants it so I can decide to build it with other people in mind
>or just for myself.
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