Re: MSVC++ 5.x

From: Tom Dailey (
Date: 02/19/99

Unresolved errors typically have to do with 2 things.

1.  Your makefile doesn't include the olc files that it should.
2.  Your patch didn't include files as it should have.
      i.e.,  you don't have #include "" in every file that
      it should have.

Most likely though its the makefile that's causing the unresolved
errors.  Check that first.


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From: Red Wolf <kilborn@PALACE.NET>
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Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 10:57 PM
Subject: Re:  MSVC++ 5.x

>Link errors.
>Unresolved external symbols in redit zedit medit sedit     _cleanup_olc
>they shouldnt be there i've installed and compiled the mud many many times.
>I dont understand it.
>Tom Dailey wrote:
>> Can you post the errors?  I've compiled my mud within msvc++ several
>> times and might be able to help..
>> Were the linking errors or compiling errors?
>> Did you remember to include wsock32.lib in settings/link tab?
>> Did you compile within msdev studio or command line?
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>> From: Richard Glover <magik@THEGRID.NET>
>> To: <>
>> Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 9:52 PM
>> Subject: Re:  MSVC++ 5.x
>> >Follow the directions in /doc/README.MSVC5 before you try to compile or
>> else
>> >you will get those errors.
>> >
>> >Rick
>> >
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>> >From: Red Wolf <>
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>> >Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 4:19 PM
>> >Subject:  MSVC++ 5.x
>> >
>> >
>> >>  Hey I am using MSVC and I had a problem so I remove the mud from the
>> >>hd and installed a unmodifed version of the mud. And when I compiled
>> >>it gave me lots of errors. I never had the errors when i installed like
>> >>this before. I was wondering if MSVC makes some kind of backup file
>> >>where it stores the data before it makes the circle.exe ?
>> >>thanks
>> >

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