Re: [OLC] oedit

From: Richard Glover (
Date: 02/20/99

Add new OEDIT_x flags in olc.h for oedit.c support.
Add new oedit_disp_valx_menus to handle the different ITEM_x flags in
Add new handling for OEDIT_ARGx flags in oedit_parse.

Make sure that you watch in the prior OEDIT_ARGx that they call the correct
next function.  I.E. If it did go to arg2, then you'll have to change it to
arg4 or whatever.  Watch the difference between return and break in this

There is a great amount of code in there, sorry for the generalities.


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From: Justin P. <>
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Date: Saturday, February 20, 1999 6:23 PM
Subject:  [OLC] oedit

>I can't for the life of me get Object Values[] to increase and work in
>Oedit. I have changed every possible thing I could find,but it has me
>stumped. I've successfully worked with medit but oedit seems to break down
>with any new values.
>Could someone please post how I would go about adding values 5 - 10 in
>and in case I missed anything in structs.h the additions ot that as well.
>This is my first attempt at using OasisOLC.

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