Re: Clan Snippet

From: Xual (
Date: 02/20/99

On Sat, 20 Feb 1999, Ryan Dean wrote:

> Hmmm... Well i did as said here and yet it doesnt work???
> Did you do ANYTHING else?

> On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Julian Buckley wrote:
> > If I remember correctly, stick this into clan.h (or utils.h if you
> > prefer):
> >
> > #define GET_CLAN(ch)            ((ch)->player_specials->saved.clan)
> > #define GET_CLAN_RANK(ch)       ((ch)->player_specials->saved.clan_rank)

You probably also have to declare the clan array as well, something like
extern struct clan_info clan[MAX_CLANS];  in the files that are giving you
errors about clan being undefined.  But as someone else said, these are
REALLY basic errors, something that this list is really not about.  You
would be better of with "hello world" until you grasp the basics of C

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