[CODE] Ascii pfiles & 128-bit problems

From: Roger Smith (sexycoder@hotmail.com)
Date: 02/20/99

For Circlebpl12 (but bpl14 people can probably help too)
I am having some strange problems with my recently installed ascii
pfiles and my long-time-ago installed 128-bit flags.
I've fixed up the load_char() and save_char() functions to read/write
128-bit flags exactly the same way as the mob file reads/writes them
into a file. (thanks to Richard Glover)
But now when I create a character Bob, I stat Bob and everything is
fine, but when Bob saves and quits, I "stat file bob" and Bob's
plr_flags, prf_flags, and aff_flags are all messed up (they're not even
close to what they were).
Then Bob enters the game again and his "stat bob" is different than the
"stat file bob" and his stats are screwed. (ie his color was complete,
but when quiting and coming back, his color is now sparse and he is
!GOSSIP and !HASSLE like magic).
If anyone has any idea what to do, I could use all the help I can get!

If more information is needed, just ask...


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