Re: ZEDIT problem

From: Acido (
Date: 02/21/99

At 05:54 PM 2/21/99 +0000, you wrote:
>This wasnt a problem when i patched the percentages into bpl11 with oasis95
>thou. Has it changed that much? I also noticed that when I tried to set a door
>as locked it doesnt even ask me to save it just cancels. The solution still
>applies? And where is it setting a arg5 I dont see any.

Actually the stuff about the door could just be that you need to insert a
OLC_VAL(d) = 1;
after the door has been set!

About the percentage stuff he sent his file to me and it dosn't use arg5 it
walked through the display_args and the associated cases and it seemed fine
started out at zedit_disp_arg1 and
jumped to ZEDIT_ARG1;  to set the mob vnum then to zedit_disp_arg2 and again to
ZEDIT_ARG2; to set the max load and then to zedit_disp_arg4 and to
ZEDIT_ARG4 to set
the percentage chance then to zedit_disp_menu.

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