Re: [code][idea][newbie]Special Guards

From: Richard Glover (
Date: 02/22/99

The only problem I see is you having to add a variable to the object data.
An idnum to represent who's object is who's.  You can check if the weapon is
wielded (look in do_remove) and have them remove it, then have them give it
to the guard (do_give), then the guard puts it in a chest (do_put).  But in
the interum you will have to assign the idnum of the player to the object
(which can be found in house.c or mail.c).  And then you have to worry about
the mud crashing and the players losing their weapons...

You may want to put more thought into the project, it is much larger than a
newbie should be tackling.


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From: anthony benjamin <benjamin@POWERWEB.NET>
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Date: Sunday, February 21, 1999 10:31 PM
Subject:  [code][idea][newbie]Special Guards

>I need help writing and assigning a special proc to some city
>guards...what I would like to do is run a check on any character that
>enters the same room as these guards...and then if the characters have
>weapons wielded..the guards make them unwield them and the guards take
>them and put them in a chest or thier inventory until the character gets
>out...I have absoulutely no idea how to write this...except somehow I
>need to look at GET_EQ(ch,ITEM_WIELDED) and check if the character even
>has a weapon...after I do get this written...with your guys' help. I
>will also need assistance assigning it..I have the basic idea, but
>sometimes I get some pretty strange errors...

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