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From: Invincibill (
Date: 02/22/99

Shane Augustine wrote:
> Shane Augustine wrote:
> > I was thinking about saving mounts so that you could  rent them. So
> > before quitting, you would have to rent the mount at a stable.  Any idea
> > how to do this?  I'm
> > guessing i would create functions like obj_from_store and
> > obj_to_store...
well...ideally a mount would be a mob. i'm not sure how in-depth you
want to go, but
if i were to add mounts to  my mud i'd do it something like this..
i would make the mount a mob type then when the players go to rent the
at a stable it would save their mount information in a mount file. this
allow them to have mounts all over the land(ie multiple saved mounts).
the mount file
itself would look much like a mob file. the reason i would save the
mount information
instead of just using the actual vnums to load the mounts would be so
that my players
could "customize" their mounts. ie train them, change their names, etc.
of course, you
would need a new struct in the player file, something to the effect of
struct mount_struct_type {
  char *mount_name
  int room_rented_in
  mount_struct_type *next_mount }

(this would allow you to store the mount information as a linked list in
player struct.)

this leaves your mount code open for much expansion/enhancements it
would also
provide a good "mount_base" code that if you were so inclined, you could
post to
the list and contribute back to it.

you could then later implement mob types(two legged, 4 legged, 6 legged,
flying, etc)
and it would be simple to integrate the mount code into that.

> > Would I create a new struct for mounts? and perhaps create a pointer in
> > the
> > player structure such as struct mount_data *mount.. or this is an
> > entirely wrong
> > way of doing it?
> >
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