Re: mounts

From: Acido (
Date: 02/22/99

At 12:03 PM 2/22/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hrmm but that way I wouldn't be able to save the mobs level, name, equipment
>or any of that stuff.  I want players to be able to improve their characters
>with their mounts.

Well that's easy you just store the mob level name (can't imagine why you
would want that though)
along with the mob rnum and their eq/inv to a file and load all this up
upon the char login.
Seems to me though that this is alot of work to do just so the player can
keep their mount.
Personally i would just store the rnum of the mob so the player still get
their mount but
all of the mob eq and stuff are lost and you just get the stock one,
afterall there should be
some penalty for leaving and come back later hehe :)

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