Re: [CODE]Worn Eq

From: Richard Glover (
Date: 02/22/99

Maybe a belt pouch, but not a backpack unless you're very limber, hehe.  I
suppose you meant while holding the bp.

It's basically in the way you search for the container.  The stock code is
set up only to search in inventory and the room.

generic_find(thecont, FIND_OBJ_INV | FIND_OBJ_ROOM, ch, &tmp_char, &cont);

You'd just have to add a FIND_OBJ_EQUIP flag to this list in each function
you want players to be able to manipulate objects in their equipped list.

I can't think of any ill effects from this method ATM.


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From: Steven Hudson <jimwild@USA.NET>
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Date: Monday, February 22, 1999 3:59 PM
Subject:  [CODE]Worn Eq

>I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to change the code so people can
>use containers(put and get items from them) while they wear them.  One
>should be able to get items from such things as backpacks and belt pouches.

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